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My name is Dan, welcome to my mental toilet.
Track: Insect Politics
Artist: Bugzillah

Finally got this one mixed. This is ‘Insect Politics’. I have just pulled an all-nighter to get it finished. I started to do a rough master on it, but all it took was a single hardware failure at 4:30am to cause me to loose patience. I will master it soon though.

Originally I started working on as part of my dissertation project, but I scrapped it, and so it mutated into what you hear now.

It’s supposed to sound weird, but hopefully in a good way :D

All of the synths apart from the melo section near the end I made and programmed myself in Pure Data, the others are free VSTis I downloaded. With the Pure Data synths, they are using a pre-existing MIDI track, but with the non-PD synths it’s all my own dodgy keyboard skills.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

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